10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Quilt Kit

Quilt Kits can be great time savers and a great way for those new to quilting to get started in the hobby. Before you make a purchase read our 10 Things You Need to Know before buying a quilt kit.

It’s been a long time since I purchased a quilt kit. I think it was six years ago or so, and it was for my son. I still have the kit tucked away in my closet. And every now and then when feeling discouraged by life in general, I pull it out and hold it up to me just being able to gaze at its beauty again makes me feel better about everything else that’s going on in life too.

So if you’re looking for something new to do with your hands or seeking something different from what you usually do around your house make-and-take kits are an excellent option!

Understand the difference between a kit and a pattern.

One of the most important Things You Need to Know before buying a quilt kit is how a quilt kit differs from a quilt pattern.

I remember purchasing my son’s quilt kit thinking that I was buying a pattern to make the quilt myself. It wasn’t until I received the box in the mail that I realized it was just a kit that someone else had made for me.

A pattern will show you how to make something, step-by-step; essentially, it gives you full instructions on how to create whatever it is you chose to make from start to finish.

A kit, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like: a collection of random items you’ll need to make whatever it is that you choose to create by following a pattern. It’s not an instructional guide on creating the item, rather it’s a box of materials and instructions on how to sew them together. So before purchasing a kit you’ll want to know what kind of experience you have crafting and working with your hands.

Go for high quality fabrics with lots of color options.

Another important factor for Things You Need to Know before buying a quilt kit is choosing the fabric.

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It’s not cheap to purchase a quilt kit, even if you’re using coupons and shopping sales. So to ensure that you’ll be happy with your purchase for a long time to come, I recommend finding options that include high quality fabrics.

Quilt Fabric

I also really like having lots of options when it comes to the colors I’m using too. I think variety is one of the best things about a kit because it makes it easy for me to create something that reflects my personality and style.

Be careful when working with instructions.

Proceed with caution when you receive a kit that includes instructions that aren’t clear. Many times the patterns are confusing, specifically if you don’t use them frequently or if you’re incorporating a new technique into your quilting repertoire.

If the instructions aren’t clear, take the extra time to figure out how to proceed so that you’re able to make beautiful quilts without spending more time than necessary.

When you stitch, be careful to not pull threads.

As a newbie quilter, I wasn’t aware that it was so easy to pull threads off of the fabric while stitching. That’s right, it just happens and that’s why experienced quilters recommend cutting threads closer than you’re used to instead of trimming them with scissors as it makes everything much easier!

Experiment with stitching techniques.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? But think about all the different techniques you could start using to stitch quilts together and many of them are inexpensive to purchase!

For example, combine simple templates and straight lines with zigs and zags to make your quilts look more unique. Learn mosaic stitching and fussy cut quilting to make your traditional quilt patterns even more beautiful.

Learn new stitches for your next project.

Ever since learning to quilt in the first grade, my favorite technique has been the Feathered Stitch. It’s a bit more complicated than others, but it’s perfect for making appliqué pieces on top of ruffled and tufted fabrics.

Try out new techniques with old quilt tops that you’ve amassed over the years.

I have hundreds of quilt tops that I’ve made over the years but lost interest in either before I finished them or once I had completed them. Using those fabrics and making new quilt kits out of them is a great option that could lead to some beautiful results!

You can make quilts from magazine articles, party invitation cards, old letters and sketches.

In truth, it’s not unusual for quilters to start working on their next project before they’ve even finished the last one. This time-consuming process has a few benefits though.

For example, if you have pages from an old magazine laying around that include instructions for making a quilt top, you can use those pieces as instructions for your next top. And if you find any old invitations lying around at the bottom of a drawer that contain the measurements for a quilt pattern of your own creation, those pieces will work perfectly as patterns too!

Use pieces of fabric that you already have.

I used the above to prove that it’s not unusual for quilters to have a ‘handful’ of fabric pieces laying around that can be used for a quilt top. I’m sure you do too. It’s happened to me too! A back pocket from your jeans or a collar from your top could work perfectly for a homey-looking quilt top as well.

Adorn your quilts in fun ways.

I think it’s cool to use materials and techniques you’ve never used before. It’s your project, so it should reflect your personality and style.

In fact, quilting is such an easy hobby that I’m sure you have plenty of scissors in your sewing room that have been sitting there for years doing nothing! Just cut those scissors into a feathered or zig-zag shape (yes, even the dull ones) and start quilting them as a fun way to add some character to a quilt top.

I’m planning on doing a video tutorial on how I do this, so if you want to watch it here, please sign-up for our newsletter and I will notify when finished.

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