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Our Mission
Our mission is to offer our readers the best and most inspiring quilting tips anywhere, to jog new ideas, and help quilting become a satisfying and creative aspect of thousands of people’s lives. Women have a long tradition of support for each other around the quilt frame, and at Quiltwork Patches, we continue that tradition.

At Quiltwork Patches, there is something for everyone, from novice to professional. I love to share my stories and tips and are glad you are signed up to enjoy the ride with me. Here you will find everything from basic sewing tips to how to complete complex quilt measurements with ease. 

Outside of quilting there is nothing I love more than my family and baking. I am currently married to my wonderful husband Dan and we have a wonderful son and Patches our sometimes good, but mostly trouble making dog. Put us all together and we are a wild crew that I will share stories about from time to time in my quilting articles.

I enjoy basically any type of needlepoint crafts and find them to be very therapeutic. There is nothing like sitting down and forgetting about the troubles of the day with some needle and thread.

Thanks again for stopping by and check back regularly for great quilting tips.

I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Love and Quilts,

Suzy – Editor/Owner Quiltwork Patches